How You Can Become Part of the WJLW Radio Ministry, GraceFM 100.3 & 97.9

Thank you for your interest in supporting the work God is doing through this non-commercial, not for profit radio ministry. As a sponsor, your monthly donation would be used to broadcast solid-Bible teaching, local programming and Christ-centered worship music in-between 24 hours a day. In exchange, we would air 30 second acknowledgement spots for your business or organization one to three times daily, depending upon your monthly donation. Since WJLW is listed under a 501(c)3 corporation, all supporting donations are tax deductible.

Monthly Donation

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(Spots air Monday through Friday)

per month
  • 150 spots – 5AM – 8PM
  • 75 bonus spots
  • 60 spots during drive time
per month
  • 100 spots – 5AM – 8PM
  • 50 bonus spots
  • 40 spots during drive time
per month
  • 60 spots – 5AM – 8PM
  • 30 bonus spots
  • 25 spots during drive time
per month
  • 30 spots – 5AM – 8PM
  • 15 bonus spots
  • 12 spots during drive time
per month
    • 20spots – 5AM – 8PM
    • 10 bonus spots
per month
  • 8 spots – 5AM – 8PM
  • 4 bonus spots


Drive time:  Monday through Friday – 6:00AM – 10:00AM and 3:00PM – 7:00PM

   Download Our Information Pack


Acknowledgement Spots

Because we are a non-commercial radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, we have certain guidelines we must adhere to for Support Announcements.

Your announcement may contain the following:

For other non-profit 501(c)3 organizations we are allowed more leeway in the wording of your spot.

For your support acknowledgement to be aired, donations need to be received at least two weeks in advance to allow us to place the mentions on our broadcast schedule. For an additional fee of $65, we will be happy to work with you on writing, voicing and producing your acknowledgement spots.

Commitments are made on a month-by-month basis unless a single donation equals a 6 month or one year rate. Rates are set only for the full length of the donation value received (no longer than one year).  All acknowledgement rates are subject to change. Upon expiration of any commitment, the prevailing rate must be used for either renewal or a new commitment.

For more information, or to support this ministry, please contact us at or call (855) 4-GaceFM or (855) 447-2233.

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